Musings Of The Mind

Thoughts that arise from beyond the skies

Abhinaya S.B.
Dec 8, 2018
Thoughts Source: Pixabay

Would help ever find its way
To those who seek,
Or will it elude every day
Until one becomes sick?

Will joy ever come knocking
At the unhinged door,
Or will it shy away, standing
Right outside the humble floor?

Will the sky ever stop weeping
Its huge dollops of sorrow,
Or will it tug at every heart sleeping
Until there comes a bleak morrow?

Will the piano ever stop bringing tears
Prompt into the eyes,
Or will it cease over the years
Just like everything else that dies?

Will hope honour the age old promise
And never leave the hearth,
Or will it lead to death and malice
Creating another dark earth?

Will the sun ever stop shining
Bright upon every face and flower,
Or will she give up, whining
About the evils prevailing lower?

Will the sea ever stop moving
With its musical grace,
Or will it one day stop crooning,
Marring the globe’s face?

Will the trees ever stop praying
To the endless blue Mother,
Or will they stop spraying
Drops of dew upon children of other?

Will the earth stop bowing
To the mighty woman called Nature,
Or will it give up on the bawling,
Bleeding, breeding men it has to nurture?

Will the humans ever stop to marvel
At the precious gift they possess,
Or will they never realize to revel
Due to hopeless pursuits without recess?

Abhinaya S.B.

A reader, a writer, a nature lover.